Why Springwater?
People have been asking us that for years! Spring water is the healthiest and we just think it tastes better, after all we did label it Damm Good Water. There are three types of water supplies: well water, tap water and spring water. Our spring water comes all the way from the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Tap water comes to your home through under ground pipes that have most likely been in the ground for years and years. This water is tested safe at the facility before it is put into your water supply, but what about the pipes that carry it to your home? It only takes a trace amount of bacteria or impurities from a small undetected leak to contaminate these pipes, after weeks, months and/or years the bacteria builds up and becomes a larger contamination. Water standards have increased, but the pipes are still the same. In places like downtown Hollister many of the pipes have been there so long that contaminants could be building up for more than 100 years!

Well water can have many contaminants such as lead, arsenic, bacteria and harmful solid materials such as glass chips and metal fragments. As water conditioning experts, we see these types of contaminants in wells all over San Benito County and surrounding areas!

So why chance drinking contaminated water? Give your family the best, choose Damm Good Water. We are a local, family owned company that has been serving San Benito county and surrounding areas since 1965.

Damm Good Water Bottled by:
Brookcrest Water Company LLC.
1908 D St.
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone (916) 441-7261
Fax (916) 444-0663

To view a consumer confidence report english version www.brookcrestwater.com

Informe de la confianza del consumidor www.brookcrestwater.com

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